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07-07-2019What's Your Story?Wayne Finney

Father Chad spoke to everyone about a “do-it-yourself” retreat in preparation for Marian Consecration. He welcomed everyone to share in this retreat and invited participants to come every Thursday night. The retreat is called 33 Days to Morning Glory. I would like to share a short story, or should I say, a gift from God, with everyone. In our house we have a prayer room. Every morning at 6:30 AM, before my wife, Rose leaves for work, I will go in there to light six candles – a candle for Jesus, St. Michael the Archangel, Guardian Angel, St. Joseph, St. Jude, and Mother Mary. In the middle of those candles is a statuette of the Divine Mercy image of Jesus. We start every morning with the Holy Rosary followed by the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. Then we pray for a list of people and finish with a prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel. When we're done, my wife will put out all six candles and finish getting ready for work. After my wife leaves, I would go back upstairs and do some work on the computer. One morning, when going back upstairs to our prayer room, I notice all six candles were still alight. I called my wife and told her, “you forgot to blow out the candles this morning.” She replied, “No, I did blow them all out.” So after that day, we would double check the candles before leaving the room.

About one week later, after finishing our morning routine of prayers and blowing out all the candles, my wife finished getting ready for work, I kissed her goodbye and went upstairs. I walked into the room and stopped…all six candles were again still alight. I put my coffee down and sat in my chairs just staring at the candles, knowing my wife put all of them out. Many things were going through my mind. I called my wife and told her that all the candles were still and burning bright. She was very quiet and started to cry. Over the next couple of days, we paid very close attention to these candles. On Monday, June 3rd, my wife and I said our morning prayers and absolutely put out those candles. Then we went to Adoration for our weekly Holy Hour. After a few quick stops, we returned home around 11:30 AM. When we came home, I found myself going upstairs for no particular reason. When I looked over my shoulder into the prayer room and stopped. I saw all the candles lit and slowly walked up the stairs and looked in the room while calling my wife over. She asked what was wrong and I replied, “You need to come and see this.” Even if we pinched each other, we knew we weren’t asleep. We were at a loss for words. On Saturday, June 8th, five days later, we followed our same morning routine and left the house together. My wife went to work, and I went to complete some errands. I returned home at 12:30 PM. I did some work around the house and then went upstairs. I stood in the doorway for a few seconds and then went to my chair to sit and stare at the candles, all lit and burning bright. I did not call my wife right away because I could not take my eyes off the candles. Within a few minutes, I called and told her, she was very quiet.

This time, I prayed the Rosary and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. My wife and I were trying to think what God was trying to tell us and why it was happening. We told many people about what was going on in our house. Some looked at us like we were losing it and changed the subject, some, just smiled, others said maybe they are trick candles, but all our brothers and sisters at Corpus Christi were amazed at what we told them. That night, I said my prayers before going to bed and asked God what all this meant and he answered me. In my prayers I asked God, “why do we not believe in all the miracles you do? Why don’t we have faith and love for each other the way you ask of us?”

His answer, “You asked me why people don’t believe, and you are trying to tell people about the burning candles in your house and they don’t believe.”

What I believe God was trying to tell me was that miracles are all around you, just stop and listen to Him. He will never leave or hurt us. He hears all our prayers and they will be answered. God wants us to trust and believe that He is our Lord and God. We need to feel His love and open our hearts. Our hearts need to be like Mother Mary’s heart; we need to trust God and let Him in. He will teach us and show us the way.

Since then, we completed our Marian Consecration on June 9th. We feel very blessed and are encouraging everyone to be consecrated to our Blessed Mother Mary. Remember this and pay close attention to Father Chad and Father Rey when they are giving their homilies with passion and love every Sunday. Just like Father Rey always says, “Be Happy!”