Lord, Teach Me to Pray

“Lord, Teach Me to Pray” (LTMTP) is a three-part prayer series, rooted in Ignatian spirituality and designed to help women and men learn how to pray. The three parts are taken in succession. Each part is a prerequisite for the next part.

The facilitators of the series are not teachers or spiritual directors; rather, they themselves are “pray-ers” who, no matter how many times they facilitate the series, pray the assigned material throughout the week just as the other participants do. The facilitators are trained in the basic skills needed to simply “make easy” the entrance of each participant into this most beautiful way of prayer.  The facilitators’ main responsibility is to allow for the space within the group that the Holy Spirit needs to direct each person’s journey. As the facilitators safeguard this space, the prayer itself opens the heart of each participant to a deep and intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ who will, as the title of the series clearly suggests, lovingly and gently do the “teaching”.

Please email Elaine if you would like to participate.