Men of Saint Joseph

By the work of the Holy Spirit, and the guidance of Joseph our patron, our group’s goal is to have the men of Corpus Christi experience an ever-deepening relationship with Jesus, through active participation in a ministry of fellowship designed to address and meet the spiritual needs of men.

1st Wednesday Speaker Night

Beginning September 2 at 6:30pm, we will be resuming our monthly speaker program virtually. As much as we’d all like to be back together in the Parish Center drinking coffee, eating snacks, and enjoying each others company, I’m afraid the virus is still pushing that back a ways. As a result, we will be going virtual/online with our presentation. Trust me, as technologically challenged as I am, (Dcn. Dennis speaking here), the process is very easy. Shortly before September 2nd a link and instructions will be sent out. We will also send the link out the day of as a reminder. Our Speaker will be Mike Phelan, Director of Marriage and Respect Life, Diocese of Phoenix. Please join us…I look so forward to praying and sharing in the faith with you!

Book Club

Until we can gather safely on a weekly basis, we have decided to act on the suggestion of starting a "Book Club." Short and sweet, participants will be asked to purchase a book, read approximately two chapters a week, and then join in on a weekly virtual meeting for discussion. We are looking to start the first chat on Wednesday, September 9 at 6:30pm. The first book we will be taking on is Salvation: What Every Catholic Should Know, by Michael Patrick Barber (for a description of the book click here).

Join Us

If you are interested in participating please email Steve Mandarino at as we need to get an accurate count of those who can commit to joining us. There are ten chapters to this book, so our total weeks in study and dialogue will be five weeks. If all goes well, somewhere towards the end of this time a new book will be announced and an invite will once again go out to all in our larger group, (and or until it’s safe to get to meeting together in the PC with our video series!).