Family Promise

Acts of compassion have the power to change the lives of families. Discover the wide range of volunteer opportunities at Family Promise – from serving meals, to providing financial literacy training, to assisting with fundraising events. There is something for everyone. Thank you so much! YOUR support helps us continue this mission.

Over the last 20 years, Family Promise has helped nearly 1000 families! That's 50 families EVERY YEAR!

Families experiencing homelessness are in need all year long and ensuring basic needs like food, clothing, and shelter, provide the foundation for getting back on their feet.

If a family in the Family Promise program has a pet, do they have to surrender their pet to an animal shelter or adoption agency? NO! Promise for Pets ensures that their pet is well cared for until the family finds new housing. Learn more here.

What is Family Promise?

Tackling the Problem of Poverty
Poverty is a complex problem. It won’t yield to a simple solution. It requires an integrated approach that reaches beyond immediate needs.

We initiate coordinated local efforts that bring communities together to help homeless families regain their housing, their independence, and their dignity.

Empowering Compassionate Individuals
The issue can seem overwhelming and individuals may feel powerless to change the lives of people in poverty. As Family Promise volunteers, more than 200,000 people have found a way.

Working together, they provide temporary housing, meals, and services to more than 125,000 family members annually. They mentor at-risk families. They teach financial literacy. They help find jobs and affordable housing. They create programs to meet specific needs in their communities. And they advocate for public policies that alleviate poverty and promote the economic stability of low-income families.

How does it work?

Family Promise organizes houses of worship, social services agencies, nonprofits, and other local organizations to work together to provide a truly holistic response to families experiencing homelessness and at-risk families.

Because we utilize existing community resources, we are able to provide services at 1/3 the cost of traditional shelters. Typically, 10-13 houses of worship agree to provide shelter, meals, and hospitality to families for a week at a time on a rotating basis. Congregations provide shelter space and volunteers cook meals, play with children, and share their professional skills with families in the program. A Day Center serves as a base where families can take showers, do laundry, obtain childcare, receive extensive case management, and search for housing and jobs. A van transports guests to and from the Day Center each morning and evening, as well as taking children to school.

How is Corpus Christi involved?

As one of the partners with Family Promise, Corpus Christi will host families for two different weeks during the year. Parishioners can become involved in many ways – from donating personal hygiene items for Welcome Bags to bringing meals during the host week, from volunteering to set up the rooms to organizing games for the kids – individuals and whole families can help make Host Week successful!

How Can You Help? What Role Can You Play?

Remember that each of these roles play an important part in ensuring the success of the Hosting experience.

  • Set up and/or Take Down Volunteers
  • Meal Volunteers
  • Fellowship/Activities Volunteers
  • Overnight Volunteers
  • Supply Volunteers
  • Laundry Volunteers

Next Host Week is May 22 - 29, 2022

Family Promise is an organization that assists homeless families to become sustainable through numerous programs. It also provides a place to sleep at local parishes, like ours.

  • We welcome up to 8 homeless families to our parish each evening for a whole week, from Sunday evening to Sunday morning.
  • We will provide a safe, comfortable place for them to relax and sleep.
  • We will provide & enjoy a delicious dinner, including dessert and drinks.
  • We will provide small activities each evening for the kids to enjoy, either in their rooms or as a group.
  • We will provide a grab-and-go breakfast each morning.
  • We will also send lunch items for the week. 

We cannot do this without you!  We need your time, your support and, above all else, your prayers.

Look over the opportunities described below. There are a variety of things you can help with to get things organized. Some opportunities do not involve contact with others.

If you can help before the event, please let me know which area you can take on.

  • Set-Up Rooms - 4 families (set-up and make beds, stock supplies) - 2 to 4 teams of 2
  • Dinner Organizer (set menu for the week, set-up, etc.) - 1 person
  • Breakfast & Lunch Organizer (sent with families) - 1 person
  • Activity Organizer (items for rooms and/or nightly items) - 1-2 persons

Volunteer Opportunities include:

  • Pick Up/Drop Off Mattresses
  • Meal/Dish Donations 
  • Lunch and Breakfast Items
  • Activity Items (or sign-up to play basketball with the kids, etc.)
  • New Blankets/Sheets/Pillows (We sent most of our supply to be used for families during quarantine.)
  • Helpers (during each evening's event)
  • Overnight Hosts for 7 nights from appx. 8pm-5am (1 individual or couple per night)
  • Laundry Crew (pick-up Sunday morning)

If you have questions, or if you can help organize and get ready to host the families, please contact:
Toni De Losa
Family Promise Ministry Coordinator for Corpus Christi
Cell: 480.388.9037