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Jesus, the Divine Physician

05-19-2019What's Your Story?Parishioner Carolyn Bonar

It was a couple of days before Christmas in 2013 that I fell and broke my right shoulder in two places. As a result of the fall, I also tore my ulnar nerve in my right arm. The ulnar nerve services feeling in approximately half the hand. My two last fingers and the side of my hand had no feeling. What I did experience was severe nerve pain and burning. After six weeks in a sling and then six weeks of rehab for my shoulder, I finally was able to have surgery to reattach my nerve. After surgery, the doctor told me that some people see immediate relief and some may take a year or some may never get any relief. Several weeks went by and I had no relief from the burning nerve pain and still no feeling in my fingers and side of my hand. The pain was unrelenting. Being right-handed, I couldn’t write any more as well.

One Sunday in April, while at Mass, I was rubbing my fingers and wondering what I could do to alleviate the pain. It was just before communion and I was kneeling in my pew when it struck me like a thunder bolt — the only one to cure me of this affliction was God and I was about to receive Him! I just knew in my very soul that Jesus would help me, so as I received communion, I rubbed my fingers on the host before consuming the Eucharist. Before I reached my pew, all the pain had gone and the feeling had returned to my fingers! They have been normal ever since. I firmly believe with my whole being, that God took pity on me that day and cured me. If I ever needed a sign that there is a God, that was it!