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11-27-2016Weekly ReflectionFr. Chad King

I hope and pray that everyone had blessed Thanksgiving celebrations! Personally, I don't know where November went, but ready or not, Advent is here! I wanted to update you on a couple of matters.

First of all, I have heard all positive feedback on the new sound system. We now have the white speakers installed so our eyes aren't drawn away from Christ in our worship space. We have also fine-tuned the system and made some tweaks in certain areas that we noticed concerns. Please continue to let us know if you have any difficulties in any way or anything else that you notice.

Part of the new sound system includes personal devices for the hearing impaired to use during Mass. If you have hearing aids, you can ask for a device that you wear around your neck. You then switch your hearing aid to T-coil and the sound will come directly through your hearing aids. Alternatively, we have separate ear buds that work with the device as well. Both options have volume controls. If you, or someone you know, is hearing impaired, you can ask an usher or any other liturgical minister to get a device for you to use during Mass.

The remaining Pink Envelope Building and Improvement projects, besides the new sound system, are being worked on as well., namely, the installation of LED lights throughout the rest of the campus. I am happy to let you know that new LED lights have been installed in all the offices and classrooms. In addition, exterior LED lights for the parking lot and throughout the campus have been ordered and should be installed by the end of the year! Next year, all our lights will be LED and we will start to see the savings!

Remember, all these projects can be completed only because of your generosity through the Pink Envelope Building and Improvement Fund. So again, a big "Thank you!" to all who have contributed to the continued improvement of the buildings of Corpus Christi. Up next is updating the Parish Center!

Finally, to help us get spiritually ready for the season of Advent, I hope you are all planning on coming to the F A Parish Mission beginning Sunday evening, December 4 through Wednesday evening, December 7 th . There are also morning sessions Monday through Wednesday after the 8:15 am daily Masses. (Note: This Mission is Sunday-Wednesday instead of MondayThursday because of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, a Holy Day of Obligation, on Thursday the 8th). Deacon Keith Strohm, who came and presented at a past Parish Mission, is returning! This time, he is coming with a friend of his, Kristin Bird, a young wife and mother from Wisconsin (she is happy to be coming to Arizona in the winter!). Kristin presented our Discovering Christ retreat recently and everyone there raved about her and the entire retreat. This Parish Mission will help us uncover more of what it means to be wonderfully created, wounded in heart, yet redeemed by Christ for happiness now and in eternal life. It is sure to inspire us to see ourselves, others, and the world through the eyes of Christ, which should always be our desire. I hope you plan to come to as many of the evening or morning sessions as possible — hopefully that will be all of them! See you there!