Adult Faith Formation

Adult Catholic Education Series

Learn the truth of your faith from an adult perspective, where your questions are discussed and answered. A mature, adult Catholic faith is a blend of both “Heart and Head” knowledge.

Thursday Night “ACES”

  • 6:30-8:30pm, Classrooms 7 & 8
  • Books are available for purchase, but not required for participation
  • Upcoming class: May 19 – July 14: The Mass, a study of the mysteries and meaning of the parts of the Mass from Sacred Scriptures and Sacred Tradition


Content includes Catholic, faith-based videos and presentations, handouts, and discussion. Drop-ins are always welcome!

Goals include:

  • Building community, growing closer to Jesus, and understanding what He said is our path to heaven.
  • Maturing our Catholic faith, which for so many of us ended in grade school.
  • Providing information for family and friends who have questions and teaching the faith to grandchildren and others.
  • Helping us understand why our Catholic world view differs from what media and our culture tells us is socially and morally acceptable.
  • Providing current Catholic resources for those in ministries such as RCIA, Religious Education, Bible Studies, and others.

Contact Information

Jack & Karen Henz, Adult Faith Education Coordinators
Email Jack or Email Karen

Catholic Adult Faith Essentials

Essentials of the Catholic Faith Classes from the Kino Institute, Diocese of Phoenix

Join Jack and Karen Henz – our parish’s husband and wife catechist team: Certified Catechist Trainers and Graduates of Kino Catechetical Institute – to learn more about your Catholic faith or to earn a Catechist’s Certificate!

Upcoming Classes:

Saturday, April 2 The 10 Commandments continued
Saturday, April 9 Prayer
Saturday, April 23 CAT 102

Essentials of the Catholic Faith introduces participants to the teachings of Christ for the purpose of knowing and following Jesus more deeply. This is for all those who are interested in learning more about their Catholic faith as well as those interested in earning a “Catechist Certificate” such as:

  • Catholic school teachers
  • Volunteers in Children’s Faith Formation and Youth Ministry
  • Volunteers and sponsors in Sacramental Preparation
  • Leaders in Adult Faith Formation, Bibles Studies, etc.

This series of ten, six-hour classes, approved by the Diocese of Phoenix, give an overview of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Lecture format with no homework required!

Contact Information

Jack & Karen Henz, Adult Faith Education Coordinators
Email Jack or Email Karen


Bible Study

Stay tuned for upcoming Bible study sessions!