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What I received from Discovering Christ and the ChristLife series

01-15-2017Kathy Carter

These past few years have been tough for me. I was diagnosed with adult ADHD, my marriage and my family were falling apart, my finances were just out of control. I was stressed at work, and life just seemed pretty gloomy. I was stuck in depression, which lead to weight gain, unhealthy relationships, and hopelessness. As you can imagine, I was constantly in a state of fear.

The fears that haunted me affected the important roles I play in life. The fear I faced as a wife was how can my husband truly love me for me with all the mess I've made in our marriage. As a mother, I feared not leaving good human beings in our world. The fear I faced as a daughter was about how I carry myself and not bringing shame to my parents and for them to be proud to call me their daughter. I am the third oldest of eight girls, so the fear of being unreliable in meeting their needs would haunt me. And last, as a friend, the fear of not being honest at appropriate times and not being honorable.



St. Gerard Circle: January Charity

All parishioners are invited to drop off men’s new socks & underwear, as well as gently used jeans & shoes to be donated to Maricopa Stand Down, an organization that serves our veterans.


Is God Calling YOU?

Do you have questions about the Catholic faith that you would like answered? Are you seeking to grow in your relationship with the Lord? Have you thought about becoming Catholic or being Confirmed?


St. Joseph's Youth Camp

Founded by the AZ Knights of Columbus
Located 23 miles SE of Flagstaff at Mormon Lake