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Nicole's Story

01-13-2019What's Your Story?

After joining the parish with my family in April 2017 and attending weekly Mass, I was still feeling like I needed something more. This feeling has been with me my whole life, but has been heightened since having children. I just couldn’t pinpoint what was missing.

After starting Discovering Christ, I realized that I was missing out on a personal relationship with God. Through the series, I was able to cultivate this relationship. It was like planting a seed that will grow and I will be able to nourish for the rest of my life. It’s had such a profound impact on me and I know that I will always look back on this experience in absolute wonder of its influence.

It was important for me to learn that I can come to God with anything. It’s humbling to be able to put my faith and trust in God, who knows what is truly best for me. Coming to God first, instead of trying to fix my life on my own, is liberating. Through Discovering Christ, I learned that everyone is invited to know the love of God and by responding to Him personally, He is able to give a new way of living.

Through Discovering Christ, I not only learned the importance of including God in my daily life, but I’m experiencing the benefits. I would leave each session feeling enlightened and happier and, thus, searching for ways I could continue growing by asking God what is meant for me personally.

Discovering Christ taught me to open myself up and I have been able to accept the beautiful gift of God’s grace and I can “lean into” His grace when I need it most. For me, these gifts allow me to continuously seek ways to improve my life and to be able to move forward after encountering obstacles.

I’ve been awakened to the realization, that my life has meaning and purpose. Through a stronger relationship with God, I can ask not only for what I need, but what I am meant to be for Him. It’s comforting to know that God has something envisioned for me and that through Him, I can uncover what it may be. Essentially, in Discovering Christ, I am also discovering myself. What can be more important in knowing what God wants from us individually?